Carolina Mosquera Hernández

Carolina Mosquera Hernández is an Afro-Bogota artist, trained in traditional and contemporary dance. In addition, she is a graduate in Physical Education and a specialist in Occupational Health. Her search as a dancer has led her to be interested in exploring different dance techniques and knowledge of the Afro community around the world. She began by researching knowledge from the South Pacific and West Africa, generating cultural exchanges with the purpose of publicizing various artistic practices.

This is how she began her journey and her work as a cultural manager. She founded the Corporación Cuerpo y Mente in 2010 with the aim of making visible, strengthening and integrating Afro-descendant artistic and cultural practices into the social and cultural processes of Colombia. Currently, she plays the role of legal representative and cultural manager of the Corporación Cuerpo y Mente. She directs and coordinates the Festival of Afro-Colombian Wisdom and the Afrofestival Colombia, which this year celebrate their eighth and tenth edition respectively.

Among the multiple tasks that she carries out as a manager and artist, she has focused her experience on the investigation and exploration of diverse knowledge and knowledge related to Afro-diasporic social, cultural and artistic dynamics. For 17 years, she has worked in the field of dance as a teacher and choreographer, delving into various techniques such as contemporary dance, traditional Pacific dance and Afro-contemporary dance.

She teaches workshops and seminars to strengthen the identity in the artistic and cultural practices of the Afro-descendant community residing in Bogotá, unifying them from traditions to modernity. She participated in the project “Rhetórica Negras” founded by Idartes in the area of ​​populations, where she served as a teacher and choreographer, carrying out training processes with the Kijana group and co-producing the work “Patakies of an Afro heritage”. He has supported various artistic processes, collaborating in the co-production of events with renowned Colombian artists such as Sidestepper and Eka Muñoz, Chontadelia and Rasbarule, among others.

Additionally, she worked on the initial phase of the Afro Museum under construction in Colombia. She is currently the cultural manager of the Ministry of Culture, Recreation and Sports. She is immersed in research on the body and the territory, as well as on ethnic cultural processes that seek to recognize the traditions rooted in our society.