Cecilia Lussheimer. An arts manager and independent creator in contemporary dance (CLAEH). She works in collective creations, developing processes and presentations since 2009. When managing cultural and artistic projects she is particularly interested in mediating between the work and the public, and thinking about with whom and how to connect. @cecilusscapp

Catalina Lans. Cultural manager and creator. She focuses especially on the creation and development of projects related to dance, territory, and community. Gestora cultural y creadora. Se trained in Uruguay (Facultad de la Cultura CLAEH) and Spain (Universidad de Lleida), and has worked on projects such as the International Festival of Contemporary Dance-Uruguay (FIDCU), Casarrodante, GEN Centro de Artes y Ciencias, Fragua, and with companies and projects with artists from both countries. She is currently part of the Vacant Lot Collective (Colectivo Baldio), focused on community creation, FIDEC (intensive training in dance and contemporary explorations) and Casa Viva (sociocultural space). @catalinalansfreccero

Cecilia Ivanier. Arts and cultural manager (CLAEH), performer-creator in contemporary dance with training in drama, and English teacher. She has participated in contemporary dance works by national coreographers since 2009. She co-directed children’s musical theatre performances at the Ivy Thomas Memorial School. Cecilia has been part of socio-cultural projects from the perspective of Human Rights, such as History Written with A (La Historia Escrita con A) with the municipal government of Canelones and the Casa Tomada cultural center, among others. From 2021 se has been training in House dance in France and Uruguay.
She is curious about exploring the confluence of languages of movement, improvisation, and the intersection of disciplines – their combinations and possibilities. Cecilia is now also the Producer for Latin America for Gestoras. @Cecilia Ivanier


  • Feet in the Air / Patas arriba. Dance festival for children in Canelones, Santa Lucía and Parque del Plata, Canelones. @festivalpatasarriba / July, 2023.
  • GLENDA. One woman show by Sabina Delahanty / Setiembre, 2022.
  • Unes y todo. Inclusive dance work directed by Oscar Escudero /October, 2022.
  • (No So) Alone/Solos at Noon [(No Tan) Solos al Mediodía]. Contemporary dance sycle at the Teatro Solís, Montevideo. Directed by Andrea Arobba @genarteyciencia / November and December, 2022.
  • Work of contemporary dance directed by Ayara Hernández, 2022.